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The three-year-old did his first serious piece of work this year yesterday morning and Richard H an n o n j n r s a i d : " I t w as encouraging and Harbour Watch is coming along nicely.
Current ante-post favourite Sariska delighted connections in her final piece of work.
Si Scott was commissioned to create a piece of work that celebrates the brand's heritage and acts as the lead image to promote the call for entries
synonyms: task, duty, and job mean a piece of work assigned or to be done.
His participation in the first Classic of the season had been in doubt during recent days after he was found to be stiff and sore following a poor piece of work.
In response, Frank Dimant, B'nai Brith Executive Vice President, who previously described the movie as just another in a "long list of anti-Semitic works," reiterates his claims (in a letter highlighted by the Post) that "Yes, you can blame Mel Gibson for creating a piece of work that has the potential to undermine intercommunity rapprochement post Vatican II.
He did a sparkling piece of work as part of his final preparations for the Gold Cup, but unfortunately he pulled up lame with a very bad fracture to his off-hind cannon-bone, which sadly could not be repaired,' she said.
It's a fantastic piece of work and I'm sure it will create a lasting impression on everyone who comes to the hospital.
If only the old National Gallery itself, recognized as a failure from the day it was built, had been demolished and the whole thing conveyed to Mr Ahrends for replacement; or perhaps to the architect, whoever he was, of the Orange Street extension at the back of it, once a fine piece of work but no doubt the subject of much jeering in the architectural salons of Philadelphia.
The best piece of work in this collection is chapter two, "The Role of pia interpretatio in Nicholas of Cusa's Hermeneutical Approach to the Koran.
One of two premieres on the program, Lynne Taylor-Corbett's The Quilt, is a thoroughly predictable, slick piece of work.
It had been the plan to give the festival horses a strong piece of work this morning, but it was such a lovely day yesterday, and I didn't have to dash off to the races, so we brought everything forward by 24 hours and what I saw left me rubbing my hands in anticipation.