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0 to analyze the data t-tests were conducted to analyze if the means for piecemeal judgment and affective judgment are different between Brazil and the United States of America.
Or had health care reforms reached a critical juncture on their own thanks to previous piecemeal efforts?
The piecemeal approach is being used by some in Congress to escape mounting public pressure while still avoiding paying the cost of an outright fix.
Not that we haven't been trying, though in a piecemeal fashion, through a collection of little programs, gang injunctions and law enforcement.
A Vornado insider estimated that roughly 500,000 s/f of space has been leased in 2005, most of which was dealt piecemeal in over 50 transactions.
It still didn't work as a unity, and LACMA continued to grow piecemeal, from LACMA West (the former May Company department store) to the Bruce Goff/Bart Prince Pavilion for Japanese Art in Hancock Park--extending 450m (the length of two ocean liners) from one end to the other.
Coun Armstrong-Braun says that the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive of the European Commission says that such projects should be considered as a whole, not piecemeal.
Everyone is looking for the silver bullet, but we're trying to cross disciplines and integrate physical, technical and organizational issues that are otherwise only being dealt with piecemeal," Klein says.
Underground functioned as a disrupted reflecting pool, the mmediacy and accuracy of the mirror image undercut by the cacophonous proliferation of piecemeal information these mirrors provided.
Until about a decade ago, anthropologists assumed from piecemeal evidence that H.
IBM's Grimes said the TransNote has only a limited ability to understand handwriting, but said professionals and students would nevertheless find value in storing their notes piecemeal as an image.