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So Pierce tried to stand up; he pulled his pistol; and he shot into the air to scare the two men.
Pierce Memorial Baptist Home, an 82-bed long-term care facility, was founded in 1950 when Amasa and Edna Pierce donated their family homestead to the American Baptist Churches of Connecticut to begin "a retirement home for elderly Baptist women.
The change feels so good," says Pierce, who graduated from Vermont's Middlebury College before joining the corporate world.
For his record-breaking launch, Pierce had to stretch his earlobe to a length of nearly 12 centimeters (5 inches).
Concluding incorrectly (but understandably) that he could settle the matter over the phone, Pierce called--three times that day--and tried to weave his way through a labyrinthine phone tree.
It seemed obvious that the Church at Pierce Creek had stepped over the line.
Apparently, he purchased the car for Pierce, and Pierce was to repay him.