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Though, as noted above, the courts themselves often observe that the law of piercing the corporate veil follows no consistent principle, the aim of collecting this analytical data was to test whether there was indeed an observable trend with respect to reasons invoked by the courts to justify their decisions.
In that respect, evasion operates independently of veil piercing and is not "a statement about piercing the corporate veil at all".
Kohn, Alternative Methods of Piercing the Corporate Veil in Contract and Tort Cases, 48 B.
192) That said, there remain circumstances in which it is conceivable that the doctrine of piercing the corporate veil may be of significant utility in CFPOA enforcement.
For most states, in order to state a claim for piercing the corporate veil, plaintiffs must show that: (1) one corporation is organized and operated as to make it a mere instrumentality of another corporation, and (2) the dominant corporation is using the subservient corporation to perpetuate fraud, to accomplish injustice, or to circumvent the law.
While the presumption is in favor of limited liability and is not lightly disregarded, there are situations in which piercing the corporate veil is deemed appropriate.
The notion of piercing the corporate veil did not exist formally in Chinese statutory law prior to 2006.
Yet the equitable remedy of piercing the corporate veil has grown up to deal with egregious situations where business owners have conducted their operations in a fraudulent, unjust, or socially irresponsible manner.
And it was not until less than a year ago that China recognized one of the most important (and most often litigated) corporate law doctrines: piercing the corporate veil.
The situation was made worse in 2003 when the UK government announced it was piercing the corporate veil in order to ensure groups stood behind the pension promises of their companies.