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Values associated with filial piety have greatly influenced parent care and the parent-child relationship of peoples in East Asia--Koreans along with the Chinese and the Japanese (Chen 1986; Lang 1946; Palmore and Maeda 1985; Silberman 1962; Chi 1988; Lew 1995).
Francis is particularly devoted to Marian piety and frequently refers to the church as "mother.
As I took part in the torch lighting, in full traditional Korean dress, I saw how the torch relay pulled at the heartstrings of both Korean and non-Korean spectators around the globe, and how it aimed to spread the Korean value of filial piety throughout the world.
But their piety was sequential: each of the three men studied returned to the church and one former backslider became the leader of the church in Zimbabwe.
One of China's most renowned literary works on filial piety is the "Twenty-four Paragons of Filial Piety," (https://www.
Only the people of piety and righteousness are the people of joy and pride.
Since the crux of Judds revisionist arguments rests on identifying who exactly were the pious scholars and gauging the extent, even quality of their piety, it would have been useful to have had from the outset a definition of "piety" and a list of explicit criteria to qualify for the epithet "pious.
Filial piety (FP) is a concept in Confucian culture according to which the attitudes and behaviors of the younger generation toward their parents are stipulated (Yeh & Bedford, 2003).
ABSTRACT: This study uses self-determination theory to explore the mechanisms of filial piety in the academic motivation of eight high-achieving secondary school seniors at an international school in South Korea, resulting in several findings.
Visitors stopping at The Pelican in her Piety in Ogmore village on the road to Ogmore-by-Sea this weekend found the building quiet and handwritten signs stating "closed" had been stuck in the windows.
The present research project proposes to focus on Muslims whose ideas of piety are characterized by their private and individualistic character: they maintain that their piety is not subject to scrutiny by Islamist movements which value public religion as a means of societal control.
I wouldn't have pegged it as piety either --I have never felt that comfortable with the veneration of the cross.