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His introductory remarks about this trend demonstrate his attitude, and also his idiomatic, talky prose: "there emerged in musicology of the 1980s and 1990s not only a rather piggish liberalism coupled with a naive--in my view--psychologism that masqueraded as a kind of psychoanalytical savvy without, if the truth be told, having much to do with psychotherapeutic scholarship or understanding, but also much more positively, what has been called a 'eucrasia', a sort of wellbeing based on openness, in technical musical discourse" (p.
Barnes has engaged the true story and enhanced it, here introducing the blunt bigotry with which the people of Great Wyrley treated the Edalji's inside some excellently piggish cop speak.
We don't even get to see Virginia bite the piggish psychiatrist who taunts her at the discharge staffing.
Although there are many rascals to be thrown out, we can only deal with impending apocalypse by changing ourselves and our piggish habits.
She then narrates the travails of her friends and neighbors: Lynette (Felicity Huffman), so frazzled by her four brazen brats that she punches her husband when he suggests unprotected sex; Gabrielle (Eva Longoria), whose piggish husband justifies her fling with her gardener; sad divorcee Susan (Teri Hatcher), who may have found the perfect man in new neighbor Mike (James Denton), if the predatory Edie (Nicollette Sheridan) doesn't seduce him first; and Bree (Marcia Cross), whose control-freak nature suffocates her family.
Already I hear the carpers carping: how piggish, tactless, frightful, and perverse this or the other character is
No reader will come away from this book without realizing that at least one baseball continuity has survived from Delahanty's day to our own: then, as now, the owners of ball clubs are inevitably ruthless, piggish, and smug.
It is impossible to imagine him making piggish advances towards women--or anyone else--as Arnold has done.
My nose was really piggish, I had big eyebrow because it joined at the middle and my teeth stuck out.
But beer-swilling Gaetano said: "Tania is piggish, piggerish.
How about hoggish, piggish (no, an insult to pigs) or maybe excessiveness, greed or voracity.
The crowd erupted in spontaneous applause at the unexpected sight of the great man's glaring piggish eyes, lantern jaws, and tight-curled powdered wig rendered in the most fragile tissue paper, borne triumphantly aloft by the wind.