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His fierce competitive nature revealed itself out in the middle, as well as his in own dressing room where Styris had a habit of winding up his teammates, who responded by bestowing him with the nickname Pig, as in pigheaded.
In this moment, politicians should not be pigheaded and collect political points while others are subjected to the power of nature.
I know that there will be some pigheaded residents - mostly the whinging Wirralites - that will be pleased to see this scheme die, but surely even they must realise the enormity of this bad decision.
May requires a lifetime's worth of skill and experience, and that is all evident in Reid's every exquisitely judged expression of hope, foolishness and delicate but pigheaded dismissal of her relatives' expectations.
He is seen as pigheaded and a bit of a bull in a china shop.
And all because a jobsworth steward was too pigheaded to let the player make his fine gesture.
But if people are pigheaded and get in their own cars rather than taking the bus services, that's out of everyone's hands.