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Sophisticated four-layer coextrusion is used to make PS drink cups with a thin crystal-PS or PC gloss layer, HIPS pigment layer, regrind, and white PS inside.
Until now, the analysis had remained qualitative, because all the pigment layers were considered simultaneously New technical advances and software have now allowed us to resolve cross-sections of the layers and to quantitatively analyze the composition and thickness of the individual pigment layers.
Although O'Donoghue addressed his Passion works avowedly disinterested in their religious content, the subject matter of the Passion--seen as journey, metamorphosis, sacrifice--well suited this painter's language: the gradual building up in rich pigment layers toward delineation of form, and the tension in reconciling the abstract values of his very sensual large colour fields (he studied Rothko and Newman) with his interest in the conceptual potential inherent in the human image.