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Rockhouse Pilfer will play on two songs for Tom's new album Long Lost Suitcase which will be released on October 9.
A wanna-be Trent Dilfer couldn't pilfer something better than that?
She attempted to snatch the dreams of children and pilfer the prospects of the sick and injured.
They can pilfer confidential information, steal identities, and even pose as legitimate entities, according to Bill Rosenkrantz, group manager at Santa Monica-based Symantec Security Response.
Lower-ranked birds don't pilfer from their superiors but do occasionally defraud each other.
Batteries are easy to pilfer, so we advise staff to keep them behind the counter -- near the till, but in sight of customers.
Numerous woodpeckers and brown creepers fly in from the woods to pilfer the tree's rich supply of living food.
These devices can easily be used to pilfer proprietary information, as well as introduce malicious code into the network.