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3 billion gas is being pilfered in Karak District KPK alone, where people have use direct gas pipeline
Others argue that thieves simply have filled up warehouses with pilfered Iraqi antiquities, waiting for the statute of limitations to expire.
Upstairs again, by the exit, on a wall opposite the cafe that occupies the red house in the center of the surrounding exhibition space, was a video projection of the sleepy Rhine Canal, where the mother of pathological art thief Stephane Breitwieser had tossed about half of his pilfered "collection" of over 230 works, among them a Cranach, a Watteau, and a Brueghel--the appalling underside of the impulse to collect art.
All the while, Arafat pilfered millions, if not billions, in foreign-aid money for himself and his cronies.
He was discovered eating the pilfered food and charged with burglary, theft, and criminal mischief.
The charges came from allegations that she helped set up a funeral insurance scheme then pilfered money from participants' accounts.
In the underworld of avian crime, scrub jays that have pilfered other birds' food caches hide their own with extra care.
Batteries are an item with a high perceived value and are pilfered in much the same way as, say, lipsticks," he points out.
The inventory of pilfered items included hospital crutches, library books, CDs, videotapes -- and about 400 pounds sterling ($560 US).
Shot glasses, ale pump clips and Guinness memorabilia - particularly the toucan - were the next most popular to be pilfered.
Smaller pilfered plants, though less profitable, are much more difficult to trace.
In addition to forcing pilfered money to stay within Russia, controls would allow the West to aid Russia to successfully complete the transition to a market economy, for which an incorruptible, professional civil service and a rules-based approach to regulation are vital.