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she sighed, dropping the little glass into the bedclothes, and rolling her head on the pillow fretfully.
In trying (clumsily enough) to help her with the pillows, I accidentally touched her hand.
That was the school I was trained in," he said to me almost boastfully, lying back amongst his pillows with a rug over his legs.
The memory foam in the Wonder Pillow, also known as visco-elastic foam, is heat- and pressure-sensitive, and it moulds quickly to the shape of the body.
Beginning at one 2 1/2" mark, roll the zipper teeth beyond the seam and stitch the tape to the pillow front in the groove right next to the teeth.
Researching the right pillow can be like staring down the toothpaste aisle, however: The options are endless.
Sleep effects every part of our lives from our mood, to creativity, to physical and mental health," said Luxe Pillow founder, Matt Potter.
Materials: old magazines, a small rectangular throw pillow, a belt
Celestine &Cos CEO said: Were very happy to be able to offer this new novelty design travel pillow, which we think kids and adults will love.
The pillow is largely made of the finest raw materials such as the Egyptian cotton and 24-karat gold before being covered in hand stitched mulberry silk.
Through our consumer insights research, we have found that the biggest reason consumers purchase a new pillow is because the old pillow has gone flat and doesn't hold its shape," said Christine Hibberd, director of consumer insights for Innocor.
AS SOMEBODY who spends her nights turning the pillow over, craving the cool side, I hoped the Cool Touch Pillow could put paid to my night fever - it contains fibres which apparently disperse heat and moisture, leaving the pillow cool to the touch all night.