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Jemma set up The Pin-Ups four years ago while studying dance at university.
While some feminists would consider this phrase oxymoronic, Buszek argues convincingly that actresses like Menken and Lydia Thompson constructed and employed pin-up imagery as they negotiated a transgressive space for women outside of society's typical binary of male-public/ female-private spheres.
The rise of the US film industry in the teens and twenties, and the exploding popularity of fan magazines like Photoplay, made the pin-up a publicity must-have, which represented a variety of female roles.
The sexiest pin-up of WWII was Jane Russell, whose 38-inch bust was shamelessly exploited by Howard Hughes to publicize his movie The Outlaw, in which she played Rio in an otherwise unremarkable remake of the legend of Billy the Kid.
Gallery director Kevin Dean thought the time was right for an examination of the place of pin-up art in the high-low culture spectrum, particularly in these post- feminist times.
For those really into the pin-up scene, Collector's Press has produced a companion series to Vintage Illustration, called Vignettes, consisting of four editions: Rolf Armstrong, The Dream Girls; Gil Elvgren, The Wartime Pin-ups; Alberto Vargas, The Esquire Years; and Billy DeVorss, The Classic Pin-up.
What a treat to play in the world of the beautiful pin-up fantasy," he added.
Other nerd pin-ups are Teri Hatcher, who plays Lois Lane in the New Adventures of Superman, and flame- haired Gillian Anderson, better known as Scully from the X-Files.
Prison chiefs are also understood to be keen to order the removal of topless photos of lads' mags pin-ups such as Lucy Pinder, Danielle Lloyd and Jordan.
A COMPLETE set of pin-up playing cards from the 50s will cost you somewhere between pounds 30-pounds 140.
Pin-Up opens on Tuesday and its run has already been extended until next week.