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14) /Daily Post, Thursday 2 December, 1735; see Rita Shenton, Christopher Pinchbeck and his Family, Ashford, 1976.
Lyman and Pinchbeck approached Hipp, who at that time was President of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Autism Spectrum Resource Center.
Snyder curated a Pinchbeck chapel--a powerfully resonant room filled with eight later, oil-on-canvas masterworks.
Pinchbeck frames his thought experiments against the backdrop of Mayan myths, such as the return of Quetzalcoatl and the "completion of the Great Cycle" in 2012.
Pinchbeck has had a glowing reputation in hipster circles since his 2002 book Breaking Open the Head, a travelogue and treatise on exotic psychedelics, which transformed him into the 21st century's chief pop guru on the meaning and significance of altered states--a thought leader whose musings, no matter how offbeat, are considered worthy of review in publications as mainstream as The New York Times.
He began teaching at Pinchbeck Elementary School of Henrico County, Virginia, served as the head of health, physical education, and driver education in Hanover County, VA, and taught at both Virginia Commonwealth University and George Mason University.
Julie Pinchbeck, 34, lost her two-year-old son Alex this time last year when he died of meningitis.
Oswald's: stealing a school uniform, mixing with the legitimate students, and using the name Julian Pinchbeck.
A quick perusal of the endnotes revealed nothing more recent than Pinchbeck (1930).
The second, to British emigre artist Peter Pinchbeck, ended in divorce.
Peter Robinson has a good record at the Lancashire track and can boot home another winner on PINCHBECK (2.
Denise Pinchbeck met David Millward when she was just 18 -and working as his secretary.