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Then I'd pinch myself to see if it was real--until suddenly I remembered that even supposing it was only a dream I'd better go on dreaming as long as I could; so I stopped pinching.
How many anxious years, how many pinching days and sleepless nights, before I scraped together that ten thousand pounds
he asked Levin, pinching his muscle with his left hand.
This forms the inside of the pot by repeatedly squeezing or pinching the clay ball until it turns into a small bowl or pot, which can be manipulated into any shape of vessel or pot you desire.
Pinching the correct area makes you sound funny when you talk.
Fold excess under the rim, on the outside of the plate, and crimp, pinching the dough between your thumb and forefinger at 1-inch intervals.
Notice that when the mold closes, two distinct tube sections are formed due to the pinching together of the handle section.
If your PLS has add-on armor (AoA), you could have a pinching problem.
My wife thinks they need pinching out - is she right?
recently unveiled its CNDR Drum Blast, a cleaning machine that improves cleaning efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and enhances flexibility by allowing for the cleaning of smaller components without concerns of pinching or jamming in the mill.
Heathrow cargo handler Ian Griffin admitted pinching the woman after he was arrested following a domestic argument but said he did it out of a grudge against the police - and not for sexual kicks.