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The buzz words at Pradera, Pinery and the new generation of Colorado country clubs: family, active, vibrant.
He furthermore stated that he "should never desert these men who have been tried & proved at the pinery .
The payments are for community projects that improve strength and resilience, engagement, health and wellbeing or build capacity of communities affected by the Pinery fire.
Although we had caught many mature adults, we had found very few juvenile snappers--at the Pinery site we didn't see a single one under the age of 10.
As part owner of Colorado Springs, Colorado-based The Pinery (www.
This pinery was by a creek about a mile from CPT Powell's combat outpost.
A study of the effects of trampling on the vegetation of Lake Huron sand dunes at Pinery Provincial Park.
affinis, foraging on a woodland sunflower in Ontario's Pinery Provincial Park.
Soil genesis on a chronosequence, Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario.
And so, this summer, for my beach days: my five days at the Pinery and my holiday Mondays at Turkey Point, I decide to try an SPF 30 "colour boosting" sunscreen and I end up with virtually the same tan I always get plus bright orange palms.
Availability of a draft environmental assessment and receipt of application for an incidental take permit for Pinery Glen, Douglas County, Colorado.
Il ne tarda pas non plus a faire montre de ses remarquables talents, si bien que le gouverneur Sinclair lui confia la gestion d'un poste de traite, The Pinery, dans la region de Saint Clair River, dans le Michigan actuel (Boodram 2002).