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Veneering, in his different way, is much occupied with the Fathers too, piously retiring with them into the conservatory, from which retreat the word
He had not sat in the chapel more than a quarter of an hour, and with his eyes piously fixed upon the ceiling was chuckling inwardly over the joke of his being there at all, when Kit himself appeared.
Corbyn will test whether voters who piously declare they value authentic politicians are genuine, or hypocrites.
They would be better calling themselves "the Dinner Party" as they come across as Oxbridge luvvies who sit around in their outof-touch groups piously espousing social democracy.
Even when, as seems sensible, their rate of pay is contracted to an outside body the argument then hots up as to whether the proposed increase should be implemented and goodygoody MPs piously declare they won't accept it and give it to charity etc.
Pope Francis asked Cardinal Ortega to "sweetly exhort the priests and faithful present there to follow Christ with perseverance and to venerate His Mother piously, as was the custom in these rather large areas.
to an in So for Cameron to state piously he won't side with Assad's regime would suggest that either he doesn't really estimate the threat of Islamic State to be as severe as it is, or that not being seen to work with other less than wholesome people is more important.
AW, Gosforth A Cruel World WARS being fought due to religion, power and greed The few with too much Too many in need Millions dying of disease and malnutrition Billions spent on arms and munitions People talking piously whilst robbing the vulnerable blind Being really cruel while trying to fool us into thinking they are being so kind If all those 'gods' are so almighty powerful and great why don't they make their followers love Instead of making them hate?
ere have been no physiological or psychological research on Tasers' eects on young children," she told us piously.
I see zealots with that mentality growing in our streets, where a black clad ninja (her eyes only showing) follows her shepherd piously and obediently, walking a measured "respectable" three steps behind.
The Rev Paul Flowers said piously this week: " I have sinned.
Apparently we've been very good at piously pointing out how much we did by way of abolishing the trade, but rather coy about admitting that we made a packet out of it first.