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PIPE, Eng. laid. The name of a roll in the exchequer otherwise called the Great Roll. A measure containing two hogsheads; one hundred and twenty-six gallons is also called a pipe.

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If that is the case, it doesn't augur badly for Pipe Down, who ran promisingly.
The retained fire crew managed to get a pipe down the man's throat, dislodging the obstruction, after he collapsed at the Oswestry Show in Shropshire.
After sending an oxygen pipe down the hole to ensure the child could still breathe, they had to use a single rope with a loop at the end to pull the youngster out.
I'm flattered, obviously but I've been advised to just pipe down about it.
Others just need to pipe down and stop calling the unions.
In use, the operator rolls the pipe down the rack and onto the integral pipe rollers where it is easily fed into a nearby McElroy fusion machine.
Or, in the case of his little brother Hamady, simply tell him to pipe down with his criticisms of Ba's boss Alan Pardew.
I squirmed and told my conscience to pipe down, before blurting out facts about dwindling resources and unsustainable fishing, boring myself as well as him as I blathered on.
When a few MPs politely asked him to pipe down, Joyce apparently went ballistic - headbutting one and punching out the rest screaming:
All these people calling for his head on a plate need to pipe down and remember we still have such a thing as freedom of speech in this country.
He said stadium security and management would assess the impact of vuvuzelas after the match and indicated fans may be asked to pipe down for emergency announcements, without giving details.
The first thing we did was take all the pipe down and collect them in one place.