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Further detailed analysis based on extensive fieldwork informs two excellent chapters by Ted Biggs on the types of piratical activity in Southeast Asia, and its growing professionalization; and by Karsten von Hoesslin on the practice and business models of petroleum and other liquid product theft.
Pirate Pix has multiple sticker packages to add more authentic piratical images to photos.
In this way, "catch and release" provides a direct incentive for children's recruitment into piratical gangs.
104) While the IMO recognizes the legal authority of the flag states, it encourages PCASP to use only force that is "strictly necessary and reasonable" in response to a piratical attack.
Explicit geographical limits--'on the high seas' and 'outside the jurisdiction of any state' -govern piratical acts under article 101(a)(i) and (ii).
All that's missing is a piratical Johnny It's something to ponder as you set sail, sundowner in hand, to the whoosh of billowing canvas and the strains of Vangelis's 1492 Conquest of Paradise.
And, while it could perhaps occasionally have benefited from some Jack Sparrow-style edginess and humour, it certainly remained true to the very essence of the Gilbert and Sullivan classic piratical romp.
Meet Sebastian, the piratical puss who's been through a bad patch lately.
The most famous dolphin in Greek mythology, and the one most often associated with this constellation, is the one that saved the poet Arion when he leaped into the sea to escape being murdered by the piratical crew of the boat he was sailing on.
It follows, what seems to be true in fact, that laws that follow UNCLOS may not guarantee the successful prosecution of all piratical acts.
Even the Prime Minister has offered categorical assurances during joint parliamentary session, to raise the issue of drone attacks with American authorities "he said, stressing that Prime Minister should take concrete steps to ensure that piratical result-oriented steps are taken to resolve the issue.
In short, not even the most piratical of liberal tax collectors could extort enough money from the rich to pay the enormous bills coming due.