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imperfect flower A flower that has either pistils or stamens but not both.
Every 5-6 d, we counted the number of hermaphroditic and male flowers, and the number of developing and mature fruit, and recorded whether the pistil of each hermaphroditic flower was undamaged or damaged (chew hole in ovary wall).
Stamen primordia became visible between 4 and 24 August and by the end of August, pistil primordia initiated within the floral cup (Engin and Unal, 2007).
The flower pistil is normally observed in two lengths.
The process is as follows: A pollen grain lands on the stigmatic surface of the pistil.
Generally only the petals are eaten; stamens, pistils and sepals should be removed before using.
4x-4x *** ** ns * ** Calyx length Pistil length Entry Index Style Ovary Index mm mm MU-81 0.
At the next flower, this pollen sticks to the top of the pistil.
Despite this evidence, the importance of pollen-grain size to pollen performance within the pistil remains a subject of debate (Baker and Baker 1979, Ganders 1979, Cruden and Miller-Ward 1981, Plitmann and Levin 1983, Cruden and Lyon 1985, Stanton and Preston 1986, Cruzan 1990b).
There were no significant changes associated with the increase in autogamy in pistil maturation rate, pollen viability, and total flower number (Table 5).
on a hot summer afternoon, an upright, wet, slightly tender sound that keeps accumulating in the evenmng, spread out like jaswandi petals, deep red, the pistil in the middle bowed a little in supplication.
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