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Luckily, however, for the poor wretch, he had fallen into more merciful hands; for Jones having examined the pistol, and found it to be really unloaded, began to believe all the man had told him, before Partridge came up: namely, that he was a novice in the trade, and that he had been driven to it by the distress he mentioned, the greatest indeed imaginable, that of five hungry children, and a wife lying in of the sixth, in the utmost want and misery.
He returned the fellow his empty pistol, advised him to think of honester means of relieving his distress, and gave him a couple of guineas for the immediate support of his wife and his family; adding, "he wished he had more for his sake, for the hundred pound that had been mentioned was not his own.
At a signal from Monsieur Flaubert they were to walk in opposite directions, their pistols hanging by their sides.
If you utter one word in contradiction of anything I say when my workmen come into the room," said the doctor, uncocking his pistol as soon as I had rung the bell, "I shall change my mind about leaving your life and taking your character.
Fouquet, throw me one of your pistols, that I may blow out my brains
Fouquet hurled far from him, into the river, the two pistols D'Artagnan might have seized, and dismounting from his horse - "I am your prisoner, monsieur," said he; "will you take my arm, for I see you are ready to faint?
Riach cried; and then to me: "Hark ye, David," he said, "do ye ken where the pistols are?
Then he gave me from the rack a cutlass (of which there were a few besides the firearms), choosing it with great care, shaking his head and saying he had never in all his life seen poorer weapons; and next he set me down to the table with a powder-horn, a bag of bullets and all the pistols, which he bade me charge.
And, now" said he, "do you keep on charging the pistols, and give heed to me.
Your pistols are beside your desk," said Monte Cristo, pointing with his finger to the pistols on the table.
But since you abuse my confidence, since you have devised a new torture after I thought I had exhausted them all, then, Count of Monte Cristo my pretended benefactor -- then, Count of Monte Cristo, the universal guardian, be satisfied, you shall witness the death of your friend;" and Morrel, with a maniacal laugh, again rushed towards the pistols.
Then we are to have no more pistols -- no more despair?