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Suddenly, the hall goes pitch-black except for four beams of green light that pinpoint each emerging band member.
The magic of split-second costume changes executed in the pitch-black of backstage are a tribute to their efficiency.
Diving into the unexplored liquid space that exists just beneath the surface of our planet, DEEP BLUE explores awesome realms where humans, and especially cameras, have rarely dared to go: darting with lightning speed through fierce schools of sharks, riding over stormy waves with massive killer whales, fighting for survival with families of polar bears and seals, and even plunging into pitch-black chasms that are home to wild, alien-like creatures so rare they have never been seen before on film.
The dogs are often called out in the middle of the night to search for armed suspects hiding in labyrinthine warehouses, debris-strewn back yards or in pitch-black wilderness areas.
Her plan consisted of luring Phil into the woods by pretending she and the baby were having a picnic in a pitch-black tunnel.
In the lacquer simulacra, How Happy are Those who Believe Seeing, 1992, pitch-black skies, shrines, and jungle replace Australian bush.
In a pitch-black room, a penlight is a significant improvement.
And the hair was pitch-black, very thick and cut in an unusual style for a child - very much like a wig.
YOU MIGHT remember ``The Ladykillers,'' the pitch-black caper comedy starring Alec Guinness that came out in 1955.
A GIRL aged three was found strapped in her buggy in a pitch-black locked garage screaming for her mother.
We're investing in a major new facility that will allow the team to test the sophisticated suite of optical benches, sensors, mirrors and lasers, which include items such as a low-light sensor that can see a dollar bill in a pitch-black room.
Hallways are stretched to impossible lengths, and Max will run into pitch-black areas more than once.