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In the doorway scuffle, the Los Angeles police officer somehow ended up inside the man's pitch-black house with his gangster son.
In these pitch-black and usually humid confines, mineral formations range from iciclelike deposits that can weigh tons to delicate crystals that shatter at the slightest touch.
Untitled, Vanity Flight Case, 2005, loomed totemically at the center of the pitch-black gallery.
This danger was never clearer than on September 11, 2001 and became obvious again during the blackout of August 14, 2003, when many commercial tenants had to find their way to the street in pitch-black stairwells.
The sun slowly sets, enveloping the lake in pitch-black darkness, the Green Mountains directly in front of me and the North Adirondack Mountains to the right.
NEW YORK Latest screen-to-stage adaptation inching closer to completion is the musical version of "Kind Hearts and Coronets," the 1949 pitch-black Ealing comedy in which the resentful castoff of a titled clan sets out to eliminate his entire family tree.
If you'd seen Mendieta's face at 5pm on Christmas Day when he had to come in training and it was freezing cold and pitch-black,it was alien to him.
For your friend who can't get enough of Heathers, Election, and other pitch-black teen comedies, give him the new-to-DVD cult favorite Lord Love a Duck (MGM Home Entertainment, $14.
They had to work on aircraft under the pitch-black Afghanistan nights.
Five others, found unconcious in the pitch-black crate, are critically ill in hospital.
Heretics are imprisoned in flaming sarcophagi, corrupt clergy flail upside down in holes, flatterers wallow in sluices of pitch-black excrement.