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A Parole Board spokesman said: "We can confirm that the Secretary of State for Justice has referred the case of Colin Pitchfork to the Parole Board for a review of his suitability for release.
They recently released the video for the debut single “How Can You Really”, and after making the list on Pitchforks Top 100 Tracks of 2013 we expect nothing less from the albums highly anticipated twenty-four psych-ward tracks.
In its third year, the Pitchfork Music Festival Paris runs from October 31 through November 2, at Paris' Grande Halle de La Villette and features artists including The Knife, Hot Chip, Deerhunter, Warpaint, The Haxan Cloak, Junip, and more.
Complaints by the Pitchfork Rebellion, in July 2011, prompted the state's Pesticide Analytical Response Center (PARC) to announce to the Lake Creek Community, where I live, that it would conduct a pesticide exposure investigation to be led by Oregon Health Authority.
The court was shown footage, filmed secretly by animal welfare group Animal Defenders International, of the elephant being kicked and struck with a pitchfork several times by the groom at the circus's winter quarters last year.
He was standing there holding a red-handled garden pitchfork," said prosecutor David Pugh.
Mr Wright was injured during the attack in which he was struck by a pitchfork which had been forced through the side window of his truck.
Pitchfork had argued that the 30 years was "manifestly" excessive.
Jerry" Wilburn, a man who Mills believes "can charm Satan out of his pitchfork.
Guzzling gallons of Pitchfork real ale in blazing sunshine always seems like a good idea at the time.
An old Far Side cartoon shows the devil pushing a hapless mortal with a pitchfork.
An intruder armed with a pitchfork was arrested after breaking into the grounds of the Prince of Wales's country home.