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Grant funds will help develop a new campground with full hookups and a new primitive campground, interpretive trail, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and a day use area at the Pitchfork Ranch section of the Walker River State Recreation Area.
The pitchfork was taken from his hands and he was led to the changing rooms.
Ref Richard Burge said the pitchfork was used in a "threatening manner", adding: "It was over as soon as it started.
Pitchfork, originally from Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, raped and murdered schoolgirls Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth in 1983 and 1986.
Pitchfork, who raped and murdered schoolgirls Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, in 1983 and 1986, will be able to take unattended day trips in the "near future".
Pitchfork was jailed in 1988 following Leicestershire Police's biggest manhunt.
They came out swinging, came out with pitchforks and torches to support their candidate.
Pitchfork pleaded guilty to two offences of murder, two of rape, two of indecent assault and one of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
Of the digital media standouts getting snapped up by big name publishing powerhouses, Pitchfork has the longest, most storied history.
Also the author of a book on music law for general practitioners, Leavens serves as the general counsel of the Pitchfork Music Festival, a three-day event held each summer in Chicago.
A FOOTBALL match had to be called off after a player threatened rival team members with a pitchfork.