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What all of this comes down to is recognizing the need for change, an attitude captured brilliantly in one of the late folk singer Harry Chapin's pithiest couplets:
Now Snicket has published a collection of his pithiest aphorisms, which includes acid drops of waspish wit such as: "Never look a gift lion in the mouth.
PLANTED MODESTLY in the middle of this new study is its pithiest assertion: "Simply put, in urban America, being gay comes with a gym membership.
Far from being an escape from the death-culture of the New Britain, then, the idolization of art proves the pithiest symbol of Waugh's ghastly Welfare State, and a very literal dead-end for his Miles Plastic.
colorblindness, offering one of the pithiest responses: "In order
Here Conrad makes judicious choices of scenes from film, fiction and drama to create a very tasty plate of hors d'oeuvres, whether for those who know and love the patron work or those who would like to learn more about the pithiest parts of literature.
Both want to do what the short biography excels at: Choose the pithiest details so the man comes alive.
Morris's pithiest utterances are let fall with the carelessness that his rhetorical boilerplate is.
In the Pirqe Avoth, or Sayings of the Fathers, that small tractate of the Talmud which constitutes the pithiest and most eloquent guide to a righteous life that I know, we are exhorted, in the name of Jehoshua ben Perachyah, "Procure a teacher for thyself.
This poem (1) is one of the pithiest condemnations of the English
Relationship advice and other philosophy from dad will pepper the show: "Life is pain, failure, misery and Budweiser" is among the pithiest morsels.