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For Dickens was violently prejudiced against the nobility and against all persons of high social standing, and when he attempted to introduce them created only pitifully wooden automatons.
His voice wailed pitifully in the darkness: "Come aft somebody
Then the horned and unhorned denizens of the wood, with teeth chattering pitifully, flee through the copses and glades, and all, as they seek shelter, have this one care, to gain thick coverts or some hollow rock.
There was some- thing pitifully ludicrous about it.
Miranda's pale, sharp face, framed in its nightcap, looked haggard on the pillow, and her body was pitifully still under the counterpane.
every day pitifully watching fully loaded jeepneys and buses pass them by and deciding eventually to walk all the way to their homes.
Truth has been in pitifully short supply on both sides, but Gove playing fast and loose with the truth about his father plumbed new depths.
So not only are six million working people on pitifully low pay but the number is growing every year.
In fact, taken in context, with the size of Birmingham's population being well over one million, the turnout was pitifully small, yet your paper still insisted on describing them as huge crowds - why?
2 Nine pulled up, which shows just less than one in five of a pitifully low number on show could complete the course.
This is excellent news because with the council freely admitting just how popular swimming in the city really is, it becomes blindingly obvious how pitifully inadequate their plans to replace the city's iconic eightlane 50m pool with a six-lane 25m one are.
Two minutes is a pitifully short time to remember our war dead" - TV presenter Jeremy Paxman