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58) David Schak summarizes the great variety of begging methods in promodern China into three broad categories: positive appeals and tactics, by which beggars maximized and exhibited their pitifulness (in particular, handicaps) to arouse human compassion; remunerative appeals and tactics, by which beggars provided some services (such as performing certain functions at wedding and funeral ceremonies) for alms; and negative appeals and tactics, by which beggars deliberately created nuisances and asked a potential aim-giver pay them for their leave.
It is difficult, or perhaps impossible, for the social work practitioner who has been trained to assess self-esteem, for example, as an indicator of good mental health and personal adjustment to comprehend the importance of the Lakota's wo'onsila, or "recognizing one's pitifulness or condition of neediness" (personal communication with A.
but a mob without any man at the head of it, is beneath pitifulness.
so much of its sumptuous eloquence that, despite her lonely pitifulness, Rosa comes close to something like Faulkner's own fierce ideal, to the voice of Absalom, Absalom