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In the lower ends of these tubes are holes in which the pivots of the axis revolve.
By doing this, you set in motion the hidden machinery in the wall which turns the hearthstone on a pivot, and discloses the hollow place below.
She had her books and her writing materials on an invalid table, which worked on a pivot, and could be arranged in any position most agreeable to her.
When a bullock is checked and caught by the lazo, it will sometimes gallop round and round in a circle, and the horse being alarmed at the great strain, if not well broken, will not readily turn like the pivot of a wheel.
But women, my boy, they're the pivot everything turns upon.
Then they go up the winding staircase of the great tower, toilsomely, turning and turning, and lowering their heads to avoid the stairs above, or the rough stone pivot around which they twist.
On that one pivot, the whole success of the experiment turned.
He was anxious not to get muddled and lose control of her head, because the compass-card swung far both ways, wriggling on the pivot, and sometimes seemed to whirl right round.
Grimwig lifted up his head, and converting one of the hind legs of his chair into a pivot, described three distinct circles with the assistance of his stick and the table; stitting in it all the time.
It was turning upon pivots, and with it a section of the floor directly in front of it was turning.
It was then that Clennam learned for the first time what little pivots this great world goes round upon.
The move expands Pivot Pharma's therapeutic areas into oncology, metabolic disorders, and infectious diseases.