pivotal argument

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The simplicity of making a Steam Machine is the pivotal argument.
In terms of Turkey's full membership in the EU, however, Akcapar seeks to elucidate a pivotal argument convincingly perceiving his book as an account of a case study for Turkey joining the EU as a full member.
Caruana's pivotal argument is the reminder that the scientist and the moral agent are one and the same person, leading one and the same life.
Applegate fares slightly better, despite a paucity of sparkling oneliners, especially in her pivotal argument with Ed Harken.
Tomorrow, one month after that pivotal argument in Gary's case, I will enter an isolation unit designed to prevent infection as my immune system is destroyed by the drugs employed to heal me.
He was at the Battle of Saltley, a coke depot in the Midlands, where the pivotal argument of the '72 dispute took place.