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Where other UNIX server companies are trying to placate the masses of Windows desktop users, SCO is delivering products and technologies to truly integrate Windows clients and UNIX servers," said Chris Holmes, president, Visionware USA and SCO vice president.
Because coyote issues are not a relevant part of shelter activity, most district managers no longer require their staff to record any information on coyote activity, choosing instead to placate frightened citizens and console owners of savaged pets via telephone,'' the report said.
If Howard thinks those numbers are good enough to placate us, then he doesn't know his constituency very well,'' said Xavier Flores, vice president of the San Fernando Valley MAPA.
As such, ``Brother'' feels like a sort of calling card, a greatest-hits reel designed to initiate newcomers and placate diehards who were disappointed by the sentimentality of his last effort, 1999's ``Kikujiro.
While the aircraft's crew languished in Chinese custody, Bush tried to concoct some language that would communicate an apology that doesn't apologize, one that would placate China without letting Americans know the obvious - that we have another appeaser in the White House.
Never mind that the Dodgers sweetened the pot with a $5 million bonus - presumably to placate Sheffield over the higher cost of living on the West Coast - when the Marlins traded Sheffield to L.
But even if he did, ``that should not placate us regarding the 20 billion of God's creatures who are abused for food each year.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE - To placate concerns that Conejo Valley's drinking water might be contaminated, celebrated legal researcher Erin Brockovich and her staff are having the local supply tested for the carcinogen chromium 6.
This commonality is in the clubhouse exclusively adhering to placate smaller hours of day and night.
The Northern Territory s Primary Industry Minister Willem Westra van Holthe has labelled the Federal Government s recent announcement of appointing an independent animal welfare inspector as a vote grabbing exercise designed to placate the Greens and animal welfare lobby.
parcel would been enough placate even most demanding of 1970s Not that we mind of course, all we parents are really concerned with, if we allow ourselves to admit it, is just how worn out our children are at the end of it all - and, more importantly, how soon after their heads hit the pillow will they be throwing Zzzzzs around the bedroom with as much alacrity as they are presently throwing themselves headlong into their bulbous assault course.
The Congress needs to deploy the trick that schoolmasters have been using to placate students who throw tantrums