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Another diagram described the circle of abuse, the recycling stages of placation, tenderness, tension and brutality.
Speaking at a round-table discussion entitled "Turkish Advancement and Arab Placation," Talal Salman warned that despite the recent shift in Turkish foreign policy away from the West, Arabs should not exaggerate Turkey's ability in helping the Palestinian cause among other issues, as the country faces its own difficulties and would not maintain a position detrimental to its own security.
108) Miller relates, however, how Labour addressed this business campaign through consultation with and placation of its critics.
This attribution of women's religious expressions as a placation or compensation for their social class is also not new.
In the end, actual Canadian governance in this area has been far more about researcher placation than subject protection.
The ladder of citizen participation (22) 'Rung' Level of Degree of on the ladder participation participation 8 Citizen control Degrees of citizen power 7 Delegated power 6 Partnership 5 Placation Degrees of tokenism 4 Consultation 3 Informing 2 Therapy Non-participation 1 Manipulation
Nader's model of coercive harmony illustrates how hegemonic control over the vocalization dissent and resistance to plunder is accomplished though the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Informal Dispute Settlements as structures of placation.
This political process takes the focus off legitimate environmental issues and instead motivates allocative decisions on the basis of the placation of certain self-selected political constituencies (Braitland 2004, 528-32).
Chief among these are the placation of Quebec, the preservation of the Ottawa Confederation and its achievement of full international independence.
Quebec will receive an additional $3 billion this fiscal year as a result of the rejigging--what Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert says is a placation by Harper toward vote-rich Quebec and Ontario.
In the past, the institutional church has used Guadalupe "to placate the Indians and the Chicanos," but Guerrerro challenges these received traditions by asking, "How do we redefine Guadalupe as a symbol of liberation as opposed to a symbol of placation and passivity?
What American culture celebrates as "freedom" and "security" resemble, according to Kerouac, control and placation for "the millions and millions of the One Eye" (104).