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Despite the placatory speeches of recent months, in the light of certain leaks that have appeared in the German (Die Welt, Bild Zeitung) and specialised (Tobacco Journal International, etc.
But in amongst his diplomacy, the articulate replies and the placatory manner, the most telling answers came in two one word answers.
Despite the officer's placatory attempt, gunshots were still audible in the surroundings of the area.
To the boundless consternation of legal elites, the ignorant (10) multitudes favor direct contested elections of state judges over Missouri Plan nominating committee merit selection mechanisms and their placatory corollaries, yes/no judicial retention elections.
It is a true story based on a murder, committed by Allen's best friend at the time and how the Beats kind of coalesced around that murder, "I think of Allen in his life as one of the most placatory people.
Garry Wills argues that Obama's political style has always involved being placatory and conciliatory (2010).
Mubarak's placatory move came on a day when angry Egyptians took to the streets in the thousands demanding his resignation.
For various placatory and benumbing drugs they had given her scripts, which I had filled.
It included an article by Audrey Herbert, 'The Real Aggressor,' which argued for a placatory attitude toward the Soviets, and lambasted the real enemy as those conservatives "who are calling for lower taxes and less government control, while on the other they are calling for a virtual holy war against Russia and China, with all the costliness, death and statism that such a war would necessarily entail.
For a more placatory view compare Edmundson, Towards Reading Freud, p.
This play's views on political mania and fanatic persecution avoid confrontation and are surprisingly placatory.
It's time there is some real regulations to prevent this instead of some placatory words.