place against

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References in classic literature ?
Would you like the ghosts of all those poor women you tormented to rise up now in this gloomy place against you?
There will be a large vacant spot around the pulpit, which I do not mean to place against the wall, like a sentry-box stuck up on the side of a fort.
All they wanted was a good watch and food; for, short of a complete surprise, they might have held the place against a regiment.
Then he rolled a huge stone to the mouth of the cave--so huge that two and twenty strong four-wheeled waggons would not be enough to draw it from its place against the doorway.
As soon as he had put the stone back to its place against the door, he sat down, milked his ewes and his goats all quite rightly, and then let each have her own young one; when he had got through with all this work, he gripped up two more of my men, and made his supper off them.
The sources told Aswat al-Iraq that the explosion took place against a police check point in Boursa area, west of the city.
And Hartmann is praying his arrival can spark the Capitals to life as they bid to claim a play-off place against all the odds.
23, the AMS said that one day after attacking mourners' gathering in Sadr City, eastern Baghdad, another attack took place against mourners' gathering in Doura, southern Baghdad, and a third car bomb explosion took place north of Kirkuk, they all resulted in tens of casualties each.
In the Rainford Potteries Cup semi-final, Working Mens edged Penlake 1-0 at home to book a final place against either Sutton Junction Reserves or Newstreet Reserves.
With today's win, Argentina qualified to play a classification game on Sunday for fifth place against Spain.
THE England boss says Robert Green will keep his place against Algeria if he can prove he was not affected mentally by his howler against the USA.
It's a real underdog story, as Fulham have only a fraction of the huge international reputation and talent that Madrid have on tap, yet have battled through to take their place against them in the final.