place of birth

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Planned place of birth in New Zealand: Does it affect mode of birth and intervention rates among low risk women?
On international flights, an airline may ask you to submit your passport number, date and place of birth, Social Security number and names of next of kin before finalizing your travel plans.
It was largely endogamous, and rarely moved outside the native pays - roughly three-quarters of the adult population lived within five miles of its place of birth.
residency; elementary-school records showing your name, date, and place of birth and indicating your parents' address or any other document established in your infancy or early childhood that indicates your place of birth.
The thesis that good genes are terribly important is unassailable, but they are surely far less important than other environmental variables--such as place of birth.
Where Ceddo is banned at its place of birth, in the Palace of Politics, the smiling ebony persona of France pours rose on the scarlet royal carpet, "For our ancestors.
The Basic Pilot Program has a significant loophole, however, as it solely verifies biographic information such as name, date and place of birth, Social Security number and alien registration number to confirm identity and immigration status, rather than a combination of biographic and biometric data.
The late singer had been receiving treatment at the Erbil hospital for two weeks, but took his final breath in Baghdad his place of birth and upbringing.
A NEW baby has a unique place of birth - grid reference NM960175.
Perry also said he recently had dinner with businessman Donald Trump, whose repeated questioning of Obama's place of birth made the president release his long-form birth certificate in April this year, the Courier Mail reports.
Apart from the passports and ID cards, the Interior Ministry writes "Serbia" as the place of birth in the birth certificates of the Albanians in Macedonia that were born in Kosovo, as well.
On the back it will also show their date and place of birth, their gender, nationality and whether they are entitled to benefits.