place of commerce

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From its early recorded days as a territory, Arkansas served as a place of commerce and opportunity for those brave enough to explore the unknown.
Huddersfield developed as a market town; a place of commerce, industry and individual and collective enterprise.
Students have complained that while the prospectus says they can consider Accountancy in place of Commerce, there is no clarity on Business Studies.
The web is more and more "the" place of commerce and philanthropic activity is increasingly following suit.
Mracek's elderly Indonesian interviewees remembered the street as a place of commerce, filled with the bells and cries of hawkers.
The Cabinet appointed Saleh Al-Rasheed, director general of Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon), a member of the board of directors of Saudi Industrial Development Fund, in place of Commerce and Industry Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah.
The reason why is easy to see, Coventry was a place of commerce and industry.
Always a place of commerce, Leipzig has fundamentally shaped the history of Saxony and of Germany.
John Lynch of former Reagan-Bush appointee, and Republican, Bonnie Newman, of Portsmouth, a longtime educator, to take the place of Commerce Secretary-to-be Judd Gregg has mainly gone over well.
Provena Covenant Medical Center ruling, the court said the hospital's operation was more like a place of commerce than a facility used for religious purposes, and, therefore, the property should not be exempt from taxation.
from a place of commerce to a place where people live, work and play.
We are pleased to offer free access to the Expo Hall to qualified individuals as this adds to the networking and business continuity aspect of the show, which is designed to be a place of commerce and opportunity as well as learning.