place of habitation

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To have nothing in common is evidently impossible, for society itself is one species of [1261a] community; and the first thing necessary thereunto is a common place of habitation, namely the city, which must be one, and this every citizen must have a share in.
The last house in Bleeding Heart Yard which she had described as his place of habitation, was a large house, let off to various tenants; but Plornish ingeniously hinted that he lived in the parlour, by means of a painted hand under his name, the forefinger of which hand (on which the artist had depicted a ring and a most elaborate nail of the genteelest form) referred all inquirers to that apartment.
The state's election law calls residence "one's home and fixed place of habitation to which one intends to return after any temporary absence.
Passenger lists detailing name, age, sex, occupation, previous place of habitation, and destination are arranged in chronological order by date of arrival.
Individual initiative fueled the rehabilitation of La Maison Rouge, transforming this simple historic house and its industrial appendages from a rudimentary place of habitation and work to a contemporary cultural emblem.
The particular space resulting from the accumulation of organic material surely has implications in what refers to the construction of a place of habitation.
We systematically studied the surroundings of IBV-I to certify that the sambaqui was the principal locus of social activity and the exclusive place of habitation (TABLE 6).