place of residence

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But provided I kept clear of Barkingham, it was all the same to me what part of the United Kingdom I went to; and, in the absence of any actual clew to her place of residence, there was consolation and encouragement even in following an imaginary trace.
They come back, accompanied by Count Fosco and his wife, who propose to settle somewhere in the neighbourhood of London, and who have engaged to stay at Blackwater Park for the summer months before deciding on a place of residence.
The half-ruined wing on the left (as you approach the house) was once a place of residence standing by itself, and was built in the fourteenth century.
This sensible and trust-worthy man had decided that Paris was not to be thought of as a place of residence by any sane human being in the month of September.
I am afraid of what may happen if I stay here, after my place of residence has been made publicly known.
In answer to further inquiries, he declared that he knew nothing of the family, or of the place of residence, of the deceased.
A Tortoise desired to change its place of residence, so he asked an Eagle to carry him to his new home, promising her a rich reward for her trouble.
One cloudy moonlight night, in the third week of December (I think the twenty-second of the month) in the year 1757, I was walking on a retired part of the quay by the Seine for the refreshment of the frosty air, at an hour's distance from my place of residence in the Street of the School of Medicine, when a carriage came along behind me, driven very fast.
Contract notice: provision of care services for people requiring help the social welfare centre in bedzin operations at the place of residence.
In a step to prevent tampering and registering voters in more than one constituency, the municipal election general secretariat stressed the importance of verifying the place of residence by stipulating that an ownership deed should be accompanied by the voter, not a lease.
BSP MP Maya Manolova said earlier that over 100,000 people had recently made their residence registrations in locations different from their usual place of residence to meet the provision requiring voters to have lived in those locationsA for at least six months prior to municipal elections.
It is reported that a draft decree was designed to establish a single form of certificates and other documents from the place of residence, to improve the quality and accessibility of services to the population.