place of rest

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As the animal lives in the open sea, and probably wants a place of rest, I suppose this beautiful and most anomalous structure is adapted to take hold of floating marine animals.
Perhaps not a score in all lay in the adjacent fields and lanes, and under haystacks, or near the warmth of brick-kilns, who had not their accustomed place of rest beneath the open sky.
WHEN our boy grows tell him I did my best, Please show him that my heart was not all bad, Give him directions to my place of rest, So I can meet my prince, and him his dad, Give him the photo albums of my life, Try not to hide a second of our past, For if you paint me in some holy light, When truth is told his dreams will then be dashed, But if you find it hard to grant my wish, And say our feud is too hard to forgive, At least, my favourite foe.
A GRIEF-STRICKEN town came to a standstill yesterday as two sisters, who burned to death in a housefire, began the final journey to their place of rest.
Each church will be able to accommodate six people and doors will open at 7pm, offering a warm meal, a safe place of rest and breakfast.
Susan Jones posted: "Good idea, they do distract drivers 30 days is long enough for respecting the tragic death of a family member then the family should grieve at the place of rest.
Pte Flint's final place of rest is expected to be in Blackpool, where his family lives.
I visit your place of rest and place your flowers with care, no one sees the tears and heartache when I have to leave you there.
Far from being a place of rest and relaxation, the resort is a heady mix of free-flowing booze, sex and sunburn, and the doctors are about to see the results first hand.
To your place of rest we travel and flowers we place with care, but no one knows the heartache as we turn and leave you there.
I know our mum is in a place of rest and contentment but most of all she is in our hearts forever never forgotten xx ROBINSON Sam A page in the book of memories is turned again today, So loved, so missed, remembered every day.