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As Armenians seek to place the blame for a century-old tragedy squarely on modern states that did not exist 100 years ago, they cannot do so without acknowledging and apologizing for the atrocities committed by their own brethren within our lifetimes.
Still, we can't place the blame for global warming on the backs of beavers.
There is an organized effort to place the blame for the budget shortfall squarely on the shoulders of teachers and other public workers, and it is one of the biggest scams in modern American history," said Biden.
Gates said that the ploy was an attempt to place the blame for civilian casualties on the US-led coalition, which is enforcing the United Nations authorized no-fly zone in Libya.
So, you can place the blame for all the times you got on the bus to the wrong long-term parking lot where it clearly belongs: squarely at the foot of the Monster Thickburger.
Kerry's failure to place the blame for America's job exodus where it belongs reflects the fact that both Kerry and Bush supported trade policies which are to blame--such as NAFTA.
The others seem to place the blame for the losses on the owners of the homes.
Lesser risks for businesses and investors include partial nationalization of an industry dominated by foreign companies, a slowdown in the government's reform policies, and the possibility that the government and the people place the blame for China's woes on foreigners.
Church leaders, meanwhile, have continued to place the blame for the scandal on factors outside the church.
The environmental group will place the blame for the crisis firmly at the Government's door.
Avoiding the tendency to place the blame for her predicament on her temper--blaming the victim--I note that I have met a very many financially well-off people with the same sort of temper and self-omniscient views at that age who weren't homeless.
For one thing, it tries to place the blame for the dearth of family-friendly policies on both conservative and liberal political schools of thought.