placement against

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contacts for easy and accurate placement against a detailed map of the world.
External movement of the garrison area associated with access rights, and short-term work placement against a variety of security measures, including vaitiolovakuutuksen and personnel security clearance application for the signing.
For example, when one of our teams applied Six Sigma's Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) approach to a quality issue in our facility in Juarez, Mexico, it was determined that the root cause was illumination values that were causing misaligned placement against the pads on certain BGAs and ICs.
a central portion, adapted for placement against a female genital area, having two sides, a front edge integrally connected to the front extension and a back edge integrally connected to the back extension;
Ophelia almost leaps off the front cover, due to her placement against a landscape of subtle greens and blues.
Unique positioning design: Facilitates a stable and accurate placement against the targeted section of the infant's heel while ensuring the procedure can be performed consistently and quickly
At close ranges, shot placement against a human threat is precise enough to end an encounter quickly.
What could that mill do to earn a placement against what big mills like WestPoint and Cannon have?
The last is a placement against the grain, given the nature of nadaista attacks on bourgeois culture.
Christopher Lange, Web operations manager for Sierra Trading Post, said, "SmartBear AlertSite is a key tool for Sierra Trading Post in monitoring and evaluating our speed and uptime placement against our competitors in the Top 500 Guide.
The Habitat line also provides front and bottom access, with no back or side conduit to interfere with placement against back and sidewalls for maximum placement versatility - it can be pedestal or wall mounted.
In addition, it provides feature placement, editing, and viewing, supports directional network trace and highlight, validates feature placement against configurable business rules, and enables simple service delivery.