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First of all, because by seeking to focus on subjects of all kinds on a daily basis, one acquires the placidity of the doctor and the coldness of the surgeon - a coldness beneficial for the patient, because the gesture becomes more precise
Turbulence and not placidity is the normal state of a system of entangled political economy.
By most accounts, two different ones: a soft-spoken gentleman of marked placidity and an overbearing bully of homicidal wrath" (Hurst, p.
People are drugged daily to ensure their placidity, and anyone exhibiting 'aberrant' behaviour is 'released'--a euphemism for murder.
The placidity he shows in this situation contrasts markedly with his vexation when he was dragged into David's or Ling's camp.
Notwithstanding this fact, Black youth have earned the right to protest against systematic police abuse, and politicians, pundits, and law enforcement agencies must realize that not all protests will duplicate the placidity of the 1963 March on Washington.
The natives are placid, but theirs is the mindless placidity of cattle.
They can handle most situations with aplomb, and respond to strangers with tolerance and placidity.
Henry insists that his sister united "perfect placidity of temper .
We have failed to carry forward those traditions of resistance and this absence has resulted in the placidity that we experience today in America.
But this little girl doesn't just succumb to this treatment, she has also seen dead bodies floating in the nearby river--her silence making her complicit in the lush countryside's veneer of placidity.
The Story of Ferdinand, written by Munro Leaf and adapted by Walt Disney into a short animated film called Ferdinand the Bull (1938, Academy Award for Best Short Subjects, Cartoons) depicts a bull that would rather sit and smell flowers than fight, giving prominence to the delicate relationship between placidity, tranquility and happiness.