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Maybe the very fact that the market has placidly delivered high average returns for six consecutive years is making investors nervous, and making 2015 a year in which intraday swings of 1% to 2% have been common so far -- (though "death of volatility" research reports were all the rage in 2014).
It is thus known that "small" stars (with masses approximately less than 9 times the mass of the Sun) end their lives placidly, slowly extinguishing in the same way as an incandescent metal cools down.
Unlike his flamboyantly crude, rude and casually cruel neighbors, Billy (Radcliffe) is a gentle boy who calms his raging feelings by reading books and staring blankly at cows grazing placidly in the fields.
The Power of the Sea: Making Waves in British Art 1790-2014, edited by Janette Kerr and Christiana Payne (Sansom & Company, PS25 in paperback) HERE in Merseyside we can well understand artists' fascination with the sea - its varied palette of colours and the way its personality quickly shifts from placidly lapping at paddlers' toes to beautiful but deadly engulfing waves.
A German farmer got a spectacular reminder of this last week: his cow shed blew up when a static spark detonated the accumulated gaseous excretions of his placidly munching herd.
The performance of Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture began rather placidly, more Scilly Isles than Scottish coast, but once the strings began to dig in they whipped up an effective storm and the wind section contributed effectively to the calmer, reflective moments.
We mostly see them gliding placidly through the water, but Sir David Attenborough documentaries remind us of their dramatic dining habits, where a frenzied group attack makes short work of an unfortunate seal.
When it comes to the tempos in general, compared with the majority of older recordings the Zemlinsky Quartet have chosen faster tempos, whereas they play the slow movements more placidly.
A citrus jello medley lies placidly amid the panic as a full pack of hyenas prowled the
We are studying the situation, we are going to see if this is good for us or not, if it is necessary or not," Conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy placidly declared last week.
The Guardian notes that Paronnaud "nods placidly in agreement" with that description of their relationship.