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The two hills he joins together are stereotypically gendered masculine and feminine as Alsmsclif "giganteum surgit" (11) and is "erectus, praeceps, salebrosus, et arduus" (13) while Bilbrough is described as a "nympha" (12) and "acclivis, placidus, mollis, amoenus" (14).
This phenomenon also occurs in the crayfish [Orconectes placidus (Hagen, 1870)], where males sometimes contribute highly skewed numbers of offspring to a brood (Walker et al.
Placidus and had become enamored of the life of luxury that that unique Clementine indulged in.
3) is the Raphael drawing that influenced it, Saint Benedict Receiving Maurus and Placidus, on loan from a private collection.
Lactantius Placidus also makes an important observation at 9.
Cardinal Telesphonre Placidus Toppo of India, a papal confidante, told Italy's Libero newspaper that he found the pope in one of their meetings "very tired and fatigued.
1894 Merobruchus knulli (White), CD 1941 Merobruchus placidus (Horn), CD 1873 Merobruchus santarosae Acacia coulteri A.
Koch, 1872) Zelotes duplex + Chamberlin, 1922 Zelotes fratris + Chamberlin, 1920 Philodromidae Ebo latithorax + + Keyserling, 1884 Philodromus exilis + Banks, 1892 Philodromus exilis + imbecillus Keyserling, 1880 Philodromus laticeps + Keyserling, 1880 Philodromus marxi + Keyserlingi, 1884 Philodromus minutus + Banks, 1892 Philodromus placidus + + Banks, 1892 Philodromus rufus + + quartus Dondale et Redner, 1968 Philodromus vulgaris + + Hentz, 1847 Thanatus arcticus + Thorell, 1872 Thanatus striatus + + C.
placidus, currently occupy southern Illinois streams and are considered at risk of extinction (Page, 1985).
Fabius Placidus en prensa (Uncastillo, ZA) Jordan y Andreu, Los Banales (Un- Porcia Germulla en prensa castillo, ZA) HEp15, 308 Calagurri Marco Aurelio y Lucio Vero HEp1, 497 Calagurri Emperador HEp7, 472 Olontigi Emperador (?
The Scheyern'scribe Frater Placidus produced another provenance inscription, Iste liber Attinet venerabili monasterio Scheyrensis, which is found in seven incunables from the late 1480s and early 1490s and three undated manuscripts (Figure 2).
The Krypta (crypt) holds the remains of the executed holy Placidus who--around 700 AD and alongside monk Sigisbert--constructed a cell (room) where the monastery now stands.