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A: The thing I can't swallow about them is how incredibly plagiaristic they are, by their own admission.
Through these moments, the narrator subtly discloses his own plagiaristic bent, which appears to be underwritten by an irresistible cosmic force.
Shhh is the ironic swipe at celebrity that followed the messy withdrawal of the plagiaristic Christ album.
Author Dimitri Yemetz insists that rather than being plagiaristic, his character is a cultural reply, a Russian equivalent.
Like Pocket Venus, the songs were big and bold, but the new incarnation swaps the plagiaristic primary colours of yore for subtle hues that burn bright in the ear.
I find this practice time-consuming and oftentimes plagiaristic.
Roig and DeTommaso (1995) studied the relationship between procrastination and academic dishonesty and found that "students who score high on academic procrastination may be more likely to engage in plagiaristic practices" (p.