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But men have become the tools of their tools and it's tempting to plagiarize.
Chapters cover getting started; choosing a topic, doing research and taking notes: organizing your paper; writing your first draft; and editing, rewriting, and proofreading, along with tips on last minute strategies and guides for creating a bibliography--as well as warnings about avoiding the temptation to plagiarize.
I can assure you that had I been the author of a sequel to my 1966 publication, I would have drawn on my experience and knowledge post 1966 to author something new, rather than use a copy machine to plagiarize a 1966 copyright as done by Mr.
His fiesta of boundary-blurring glamour so permeates our fashion unconscious that the famous Avedon portrait of the draped and undraped, rainbow-gendered Factory hipsters seems to anticipatorily plagiarize the "grunge"-era Gap ads that ripped it off.
Rather, Hurston chose to plagiarize because she was emotionally affected by the intraracial strife uncovered by Lewis's experience.