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Following Maurice Bardeche, critics had long held the work to be a quasi plagiary of Maturin's Melmoth the Wanderer.
So pervasive is the problem of plagiarism, there are numerous websites and even a new scholarly journal, Plagiary, which, according to the journal's associated website, was created: "To bring together the various strands of scholarship which already exist on the subject, and to create a forum for discussion across disciplinary boundaries" (Lesko, 2005).
In a delightful scene at the start of Richard Sheridan's comedy entitled The Critic (1781), the audience is treated to a dialogue between the aptly named title character, Sneer, and the equally aptly named playwright, Sir Fretful Plagiary.
Bastin Fabien Henri Andre, aged 48, of Calais, was detained on May 23 for distributing pamphlets entitled, Bible Copyright and Koran Plagiary, at a shopping centre in Ipoh, 125 miles north of Kuala Lumpur.
In the play self-appointed theatre expert Mr Dangle gets visits from all kinds of wannabes, including bad playwright Sir Fretful Plagiary and advertising expert Mr Puff.
Dr Persaud was accused of plagiary sing material for a book.
The plays associated with the Poetomachia employ a series of opposing terms--poet to poetaster, original to ape, priest to the Muses to play-dresser, author to plagiary, speedy or slow, deliberate or hasty--that mark one writer as valuable and others as pretenders, fakes, or hacks.
This show proves that a recent flurry of high-profile rip-offs--such as Madonna and Jean-Baptiste Mondino's obvious plagiary for her "Hollywood" video--have not succeeded in banalizing the significance of this maverick (fashion) photographer.
Here, by a precaution whose scheme we must constantly repeat, let us specify that Flannery's writing is not explained by what we believe we know of imitation and reproduction, of plagiary, of the repeated word, and of apocrypha.