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Plain speaking Brown is playing a key role in the negotiations ahead of the meeting, and said: "We can't again engage in meaningless, empty commitments which don't survive the flight home.
He added: "As a plain speaking Derry man let me say that unionist majority rule is gone and gone forever.
Similar to its home town of Huddersfield, Quarry Garage has a reputation for plain speaking, fairness and honesty - qualities which have made it stand out from the rest
The Black Country accent is renowned outside the region for being difficult to understand but one of Dudley's top tourist attractions has won an national award for its plain speaking.
One said, "Don't chastise someone for plain speaking - we all use this language.
If your first contact with recruits after the orientation program is a session on "How to Please the Boss"-- never so crudely titled of course--you'll earn their respect for plain speaking, a generational favorite.
The sixth All-Africa conference for MRA, which took place in Limuru, Kenya, in May, was marked by plain speaking about the continent's problems--and evidence that individuals can make a difference.
A PLAIN speaking cancer screening team at the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby have won a coveted national award.
Hana, 12 at the time of the siege, and Atka, 21, take turns to narrate and, while the prose will not win any prizes for style, the sisters' plain speaking allows a terrible story to tell itself.
But nothing could be clearer than plain speaking to several million television viewers.