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Breu is of considerable historical interest, however, not simply as the creator of secular woodcuts and history paintings, but as the author of a strikingly plain-spoken chronicle of the city of Augsburg, composed in the critical years between 1512 and his death in 1536.
I've always been plain-spoken, without guile," Jones says.
Chris Selland, former Yankee Group analyst and founder of CRM consulting firm Reservoir Partners says, "Dick Lee is a rarity in the CRM industry in that he is able to turn arcane industry-speak into plain-spoken strategies that actually work.
Classroom-tested activities, guided discussions, and plain-spoken testimonies make When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers an invaluable educational resource, highly recommended for college library and professional educators' collections.
Authors Skrob (president, Information Marketing Association) and Regnerus (online marketing consultant) offer plain-spoken advice and background for information marketers who want to take advantage of the numerous resources available on the Internet.
From a petulant, invective poem against bumblebees to enjoying and celebrating the pleasure of an anniversary to the haunting analogy between creating a house for wrens to nest in and trying to become pregnant, What Feeds Us paints sublimely with descriptive language, sometimes plain-spoken, sometimes obliquely surreptitious.
Composed of a glossary of oft-unfamiliar words used in the Good Book, and alphabetical cast of characters, condensed summaries of the old and new testaments, a timeline, a selective survey of translations, miscellany, and a bibliography, Pocket Guide To The Bible is plain-spoken and easy to take in even as it accurately crystalizes key points.
By rights, I should have turned each page muttering, "You go, girl"--or, as her plain-spoken British mates would say, "Effing brilliant.
You can certainly understand the stigma when it's pretty much a thoroughly preventable death,'' says the plain-spoken Bunde, who quit smoking in 2000, about a year before her diagnosis.
Described as plain-spoken, and equally at home in the Pentagon or in a conference in the White House, Powell has become a symbol of a renewed American military.
We're delighted that the NAIC recognized Hibernia's effort to tell the company's story and our vision for the future in a way that is plain-spoken and inspiring," said Herb Boydstun, president and CEO.