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CIPHER. An arithmetical character, used for numerical notation. Vide Figures, and 13 Vin. Ab. 210; 18 Eng. C. L. R. 95; 1 Ch. Cr. Law, 176.
     2. By cipher is also understood a mode of secret writing. Public ministers and other public agents frequently use ciphers in their correspondence, and it is sometimes very useful so to correspond in times of war. A key is given to each minister before his departure, namely, the cipher for writing ciphers, (chiffre chiffrant,) and the cipher for deciphering (chiffre dechiffrant.) Besides these, it is usual to give him a common cipher, (chiffre banal,) which is known to all the ministers of the same power, who occasionally use it in their correspondence with each other.
     3. When it is suspected that, a cipher becomes known to the cabinet where the minister is residing, recourse is had to a preconcerted sign in order to annul, entirely or in part, what has been written in cipher, or rather to indicate that the contents are to be understood in an inverted or contrary sense. A cipher of reserve is also employed in extraordinary cases.

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In the final round, the Inverse SubBytesXOR is drop to produce the plaintext.
There is no attempt made to hide the public key, which is used to encrypt the plaintext message.
While average effectiveness of plaintext messages is almost 45%, for encrypted messages, this number is significantly lower at around 33%.
From Katz & Lindel I (2007), the EtM (Encrypt then MAC) configuration is used, which simultaneously utilizes both algorithms, first perform the encryption of the plaintext and then the MAC is computed protecting directly the encrypted text against integrity or authenticity attacks and indirectly the plaintext.
In order to verify the correlations between the plaintext image and encrypted image pixels, 1000 adjacent pixels in the image are selected for comparison randomly in the horizontal direction, vertical and diagonal directions respectively.
A cipher key is the method used to encode a plaintext and decode a ciphertext.
These methods are implemented mainly on two stages: the first encrypts the plaintext using Amino acid and DNA based Playfair cipher.
We not only have the 72k users of this site but also over 40k plaintext credit cards including CCVs, names and expiry dates," it added.
This cost-effective approach permits programs to access data that is not sensitive since this data will remain as plaintext.
We'll take a look at two great text editors for mobile that will sync with your Dropbox account: PlainText for iOS and Epistle for Android.
8) Known-plaintext Attack Resistance: Known-plaintext attack resistance is a cryptanalytic attack in which the attacker obtains both the plaintext and its corresponding cipher text, and then the attacker tries to discover secret information.