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It isn't hard to understand why leaving the appeal process in the hands of the same agency and/or decision-makers who initially denied or terminated the services in the first place is an unfair appeals process that violates due process," stated Plaintiff's attorney Andrea Faley.
Victims in class-action lawsuits usually get very little money, if any at all,'' plaintiff's attorney Paul Kiesel said.
The original victory came on August 12th, 2005 when a Broward County Circuit judge ruled in favor of an HUFL insured doctor by dismissing a medical malpractice claim and ordering the plaintiff's attorney to pay the defense attorney's fees and costs.
It has only been a year and a half,'' said Craig Smith, the plaintiff's attorney.
I'm disappointed,'' said plaintiff's attorney Ed Masry.
We think this is a very good settlement, especially considering that many other companies are eliminating these kinds of benefits,'' plaintiff's attorney William T.
It's another step forward in a long journey,'' said plaintiff's attorney A.
He argued that the plaintiff's attorney blatantly appealed to the jury's sympathy by, for example, ignoring a court admonishment and referring to his client as ``brain damaged'' during closing arguments.
Plaintiff's attorney Michael Piuze, who has tried two previous smoker's cases in Los Angeles, alleged on behalf of his client that Philip Morris USA had been negligent, had marketed a defective product and had defrauded Reller about the dangers of smoking.
Fujisaki appeared ready to rule on the jury problem, but plaintiff's attorney Daniel Petrocelli asked for a delay until morning in order to submit case law ``that may affect the procedure.
But Christine Harwell, the plaintiff's attorney, remarked, ``I think they've dug a hole for themselves and they're stuck with it.