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Me savve," Lerumie, plaintively replied; and the episode was closed.
Wish I'd staked alongside," Long Jim murmured plaintively.
Will you tell me," she asked almost plaintively, "what on earth Mr.
In the ravine a ringdove mourned plaintively, and somewhere off in the bushes an owl hooted.
The operations flight log states: "Captain Seccombe was leading and he was heard to announce plaintively over the R/T (radio transmitter), 'I'm not happy, I'm job.
We shouldn't need a book explaining why abortion rights are important," Rosin plaintively insisted.
This time around, instead of plaintively pleading for the extension of her artistic life on the show, she more maturely accepted the viewers' collective verdict-and, with good reason:
WINNOW A Separate from chaff by wind B Cry plaintively C Weave in and out who am I?
It's about house prices and the thought of traffic noises wafting plaintively over their Sunday morning edition of The Archers.
A piece of deep introspection and yearning, Ellis's gorgeous bassoon voice soars plaintively in this work.
When every encounter's a calculated, Photoshopped performance; when "friends" are anonymous strangers prized for quantity, not quality; when parties consist of guests seeking other, better parties online; when family meals and dinner dates are silent but for the sounds of fingers on phones; when Siri is thought to have a soul; when real-life partners are discarded because countless potentially more attractive ones await online--that's when we cease being "human to each other," Turkle warns plaintively, with the urgency of the oracle at Delphi.
Do I have to (fight him)" he asks plaintively when Little John strides into view, "he looks proper solid.