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43) By including participating listeners Coleridge avoids the isolation and plaintiveness of many of his other late soliloquies.
The Beatles's "Help" spills its harmonies and plaintiveness on to Polk Street for him.
After lamenting that Cruelty can now slay all "folk redeless of peyne," the speaker continues, with a frank bewilderment that may be Chaucer's particular contribution to the registers of plaintiveness,
Fully to appreciate the plaintiveness of this utterance, it must be recognized that to the Puritans, and to Dimmesdale as a Puritan minister, the public exposure of sin is of vital importance to the sinner--thus the nature of Hester's punishment.
From the joyful rush of Fascinating Rhythm to the plaintiveness of The Man I Love, this music is best understood by allowing its powerful fusion of words and music to sweep over our hearts and souls.
The merit of this bird's strain is in its freedom from all plaintiveness.
For all the outward plaintiveness, though, what really frees the drawing from superflatness is the handwritten mistake "Rock'n Roll will can never Die" (emphasis added).
Roger McGuinn, uniquely qualified to tackle Bob, invests Desire's One More Cup of Coffee with a fragile plaintiveness which is a million miles away from The Byrds' jingle jangle morning.
Here the poem devolves to those final non-sequitored lines of painful self-transformation; the wind-driven language' of the poem's opening segment reasserts itself, filled with a bitter plaintiveness as the speaker.
Underlying Pucho's diverse repertoire is a plaintiveness that will stay with me after the rehearsal.
He names only one: the late William Schuman, the head of the Juilliard School of Music whose "lone, arching 'American' melodies" embody what Lipman finds so lacking in the work of others: "a quality of plaintiveness, referred to by some as a 'cowboy' quality and by others as the loneliness of the city .
In the real rarity, The Holly and the Ivy, they sang with an affecting plaintiveness, though I could have wished for more delineation of Elgar's orchestral counter-melodies from the CBSO, which has made the piece very much its own ever since participating in its modern-times premiere at the Worcester Festival two years ago.